Unofficial Tools and CheatSheets


Vampire: The Masquerade (5th edition)

FilesVersionLast Update
Cheat Sheet1.006/09/2022

Dungeon and Dragons (5th edition)

FilesVersionLast Update
Cheat Sheet1.107/04/2020
Initiative Tracker2.109/02/2018

Mutant Chronicles (3rd edition)

OnlineVersionLast Update
Weapons List1.009/02/2018

Call of Cthulhu (7th edition)

FilesVersionLast Update
Cheat Sheet1.404/27/2020

OnlineVersionLast Update
Random Investigator Generator1.005/4/2020
Everything you must know before your first game of the RPG Call of Cthulhu1.004/27/2020

Delta Green (Arc Dream Publishing)

FilesVersionLast Update
Less-Lethal OptionsPDF05/09/2017

Shadowrun (5th edition)

FilesVersionLast Update
High Contrast Character sheet1.010/16/2018
Core Cheat Sheet1.111/09/2018
Core GM Cheat Sheet1.111/09/2018
Characters Cheat Sheet1.111/09/2018
Technomancers Cheat Sheet1.111/09/2018
Riggers Cheat Sheet1.111/09/2018
Matrix Cheat Sheet1.111/09/2018
Matrix GM Cheat Sheet1.111/09/2018
Magic Cheat Sheet1.111/09/2018
Licenses List1.010/07/2018

OnlineVersionLast Update
Run Reward Calculator1.009/02/2018
GruntsBeta 0.109/02/2018


51st State (2nd edition)

FilesVersionLast Update
Cheat Sheet1.111/25/2017

Wings of Glory WWII (Battle of Britain)

FilesVersionLast Update
Cheat Sheet1.009/02/2018