Everything you must know before your first game of the RPG Call of Cthulhu

Introduction to Call of Cthulhu

The Rules

Video by Seth Skorkowsky.

Video by Critical Role.

Quick-Start Rules

Download the free Quick-Start Rules.

Cheat Sheet

Download my latest Cheat Sheet.

Investigator Handbook

If you want to buy a book before the game you should buy the Investigator Handbook.

Your Investigator

In Call of Cthulhu you play a normal human with no special power and you will have to face Cosmic Horrors.

#1 - Download a character sheet

Ask your Keeper for the Era of the game and choose your character sheet accordingly.

#2 - Investigator's occupation

Think about what's the occupation of your investigator will be. You can find more information on each occupation in the Investigator Handbook or some in the Quick-Start Rules.

Choose or create your investigator

#3 - Options Rules

Ask your Keeper if you can or must use the Other Ways of Creating Investigators. It's on page 58 of the Investigator Handbook. Use the normal methode if you don't have the Investigators Handook.

#4 - Investigator Creation

Choose one of the following ways to create a investigator.

Pre-Generated Investigator

Download the characters from Chaosium or ask your keeper for pre-generated characters. Complete your character sheet if some information are missing.

Random Investigator Generator

You can also use my Random Investigator Generator.

Manually create your character

Follow the instructions in the Quick-Start Rules or the Investigator Handbook. Watch this video for more information.

Solo Adventure

Alone Against the Flames
This is a very nice free solo adventure that can be use to learn the system but also to create your character. Just hope that your character survive.